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Title: Ungrateful delivery driver  4/17/2015 11:18:36 AM
Placed an order for work when which I am only up the street,, normally I pick my own food up, but have been way t0o busy at work. I guess the delivery driver wasn't happy with the tip I gave him and made it known with the actions his made while leaving the building thinking I can't hear him as I'm on the phone. Think again, and now because of that MY whole company will no longer use your restaurant for our lunch. Thank your delivery driver for that!
Title:   2018/3/27 20:14:28
Go here alot food is good. Today, I ordered Chicken with garlic sauce good but found a piece of metal in my fried rice. Took a picture. Looks like part of a metal scrub brush. Glad I didn't swallow it.
Title:   2018/11/2 22:40:28
Horrible customer service! When they make a mistake they blame the customer, refuse to make it right, and tell you to go elsewhere if not happy. Horrible food, ethics, and honor.
Title: Shitty Customer service  2/6/2015 8:16:53 PM
I ordered food at 730pm was told my food would be 30-45 minutes. I call back at 830pm because my food has yet to arrive. I ask is my food going to be hot and was told yes. When I get the food the driver tells me its hot. My break is now over since I've waited over an hour so I pay and take my food to my desk. When I go to eat my food it is cold and has a nasty taste to it. I call at around 1057pm since thats when I have a break to let them know that i wasn't satisfy. The lady that answers the phone was rude ass hell tells me she can guarantee that my food was hot; even though it took an hour to get here and they are 15 minutes from my job. Then she hangs up on me. Mind you the other person that called from my job also says that his food was cold and nasty. I guest to some people that indicates great customer service. NOT!!!!!!
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